Breethe Technology Overview

The OXY-1 System is a portable external respiratory assist device  that is intended to provide assisted blood circulation and physiologic gas exchange for patients suffering from acute respiratory failure and/or acute cardiopulmonary failure where continued clinical deterioration is expected, or the risk of death is imminent.

*The Oxy-1 is not available until after FDA

Designed for simple
implementation by hospital staff, our first products will provide improved
Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation therapy to patients in the hospital. Our
long-term vision is to enable patients with acute lung failure to be discharged
home-improving outcomes and quality of life.

Breethe is developing and commercializing an advanced therapy  with the following major components:
– Pump/Lung Unit (PLU)
– Cannulae Sets
– Breethe Console (Console)

The PLU is the core innovation of the OXY-1 Syste with a pump and unique oxygenator design. The pump moves venous blood from the patient, pumps it through the oxygenator, and back into the patient. The oxygenator provides gas exchange functionality, much like a lung, where a permeable membrane located within the oxygenator removes carbon dioxide and adds oxygen to the blood. Oxygenated blood exiting the oxygenator is returned to the patient.

mission is to develop and commercialize the world’s first wearable artificial

Lung failure is a progressive and debilitating disease that contributes to the death of 270,000 people in the United States alone each year. The options available for physicians treating end-stage lung failure are limited, and do not provide the lung support required for healing and effective rehabilitation.

The Breethe OXY-1 System will provide a new treatment option for patients who suffer from acute and chronic lung failure. 


Self-contained Wearable System

Dual Lumen Cannula

Unique flexible self-sealing dual-lumen cannula design provides for safe and effective long-term blood exchange.

The OXY-1 pump-lung unit is designed to be used for 30 days with minimal clotting, so that lower levels of blood thinners are required.

Replaceable pump-lung unit

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